IRiSs Laboratories
Integrated Ruptures in Sensory spaces

IRiSs Lab #3: Chasing the Ghosts of Architecture
presented at HIFF 2009


Research Personnel:
Amanda Dawn Christie
Lukas Pearse
Terry Piercey
Evan Rensch
Chris Spencer-Lowe


IRiSs Lab # 3: Chasing the Ghosts of Architecture
Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival
North Street Church: Halifax, NS, 10:00pm
April 3, 2009

IRiSs Lab #3 built on traces of past lived histories in disappearing architectures, landscapes and the human form within them. "IRiSs" stands for "Integrated Ruptures in Sensory Spaces", and the goal of the IRiSs Lab is to create non-linear improvisational work that abandons the standard, white screen at the front of the black cinematic box, while striving to build site specific work in which projected images and sound interact with the entirety of the architecture and history of the presentation venue.